Lenovo T430 problem with Wi-Fi adapter when using Hyper-V

This one has been making me crazy ever since I got my Lenovo T430 laptop. This laptop has an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 WiFi card. The minute I got Windows 8 up I’ve installed Lenovo System Update and made sure that every single driver has been updated. The problem started when I enabled the Hyper-V role and created the WiFi Hyper-V switch. The internet connection lasted for about 5 minutes and than it would just show the yellow exclamation mark and the internet will go dead. I had to disable and enable the WiFi adapter or disconnect or connect to the network. It would work for 5 or 10 minutes and then it will go down again. I reverted to using a cable connection and didn’t use the WiFi connection for virtual machine traffic for a while and yesterday I wanted to give it another go.

It was a disaster until I realised that Intel has a newer driver for this card than Lenovo.


I’ve installed the Wireless_15.8.0_De64.exe file and the problems disappeared. I had 4 virtual machines running and downloading updates from the internet and the card just keep on working without a problem.

Lenovo should really integrate this Intel drivers for the WiFi card as soon as they can because I’ve seen a lot of people having troubles with the WiFi connection on certain routers.


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