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A customer asked if SharePoint has an option to fix/freeze the header with the columns names when you have a really large list. I didn’t know the answer so I told them that I will try and solve the problem for them. The problem is a pretty common one, the SharePoint list can always be opened in Excel and there you can easily fix the header. But what about the SharePoint view for this list.

I came across this  solution called STICKIHEADERS for SharePoint. You can find it here:

So how can we implement it? If you want it only for a single list, you can follow my instructions here. You will first need to download this files:

  1. the stickiheader JQuery solution: you can find it here
  2. the jquery.min.js soluton: you can find it here

You can upload both files to your Site Assets library on your SharePoint Page. Open your site, go to Site Contents and than go to Site Assets. Click on the Files tab and choose Upload Document. Choose both documents and wait for them to upload to your SharePoint library.

After you finish with the upload, you can browse to your list. Click Edit Page and click on Add web part. Choose Media and Content and from the web parts choose Script Editor.

The Script Editor will be added to your site and you can click Edit Snippet on the right.

Paste the following text inside the Edit Snippet windows:

<script src=”http://your_sharepoint_site_link/SiteAssets/jquery.min.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://your_sharepoint_site_link/SiteAssets/StickyHeaders_3.1.1.js”></script>

Click Insert and after that click on Stop Editing your page.

After you click it you can try and scroll your list and see that the header is now flowing just as you browse.



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  1. Jeremy says:

    Any luck getting this to work on Sharepoint 365 with modern view lists?

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